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Review Summary
Traveler Rating
8.37 / 10 Overall
What to expect
8.36 / 10 Staff
8.39 / 10 Cleanliness
7.97 / 10 Value for money
8.58 / 10 Comfort (room)
8.06 / 10 Services
8.32 / 10 Dining
8.89 / 10 Location
87.9 % Friends
84.9 % Mature couple
84.2 % Young couple
82.4 % Family with older child(ren)
82 % Solo traveler
80.6 % Family with young child(ren)
0 % Group
Based on 366 reviews

Hotel Palace Heviz - Reviews and Ratings

City: Heviz
Rákóczi u. 1-3. 8380 Heviz, Hungary
BHS Reservation Phone number: (+36-1) 225-3384, (+36-1) 225-3385
BHS Reservation Fax: (+36-1) 202-0319
BHS E-mail: palacehotel@email
Overall 8.37 / 10 8.37

Staff 8.36 / 10 8.36
Cleanliness 8.39 / 10 8.39
Value for money 7.97 / 10 7.97
Comfort (room) 8.58 / 10 8.58
Services 8.06 / 10 8.06
Dining 8.32 / 10 8.32
Location 8.89 / 10 8.89

Based on 366 reviews

About the guest reviews

These hotel reviews are submitted by the guests who have stayed in Hotel Palace during their visit to Heviz. The ratings and comments reflect their individual opinions generated by their experiences at the hotel.

How to write a hotel review?

You can only write hotel reviews that will appear on this website if you have booked your Heviz accommodation with HotelStart and have been the guest of one of our partner hotels. Two weeks after departing from the hotel we will send you a rating form by e-mail - with just one click you can rate every service of the hotel you have stayed in, then write an extensive review that will help your fellow travellers decide whether the lodging is worth a try.

Maximilian Hogea (Young couple) from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Guest score: 7.14 / 10 7.14 average,
+ good location, dining and excellent spa
- room and bathroom need updating
read more: good hotel, average experience but excellent spa

Steve Lambeth (Mature couple) from Essex, United Kingdom
Guest score: 8.57 / 10 8.57 average,
+ Clean room and great staff
- Bed wasnt very comfortable
read more: enjoyable stay

Family with young child(ren) from Celje, Slovenia
Guest score: 8 / 10 8 average,

Jessica Sorensen (Young couple) from Florence, USA
Guest score: 9.14 / 10 9.14 average,
+ The hotel staff were helpful and considerate upon check-in and out. The room was large enough that we had plenty of room to spread out enjoy our stay.
- The hot tub wasn't very hot.
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Dragan Gajovic (Young couple) from Beograd, srbija
Pay attention when payment
Guest score: 5.71 / 10 5.71 average,
+ poll and food
- staff, reception, kindness,no smile

Hana Vedralová (Mature couple) from Praha 8, Czech Republic
Big disillusion - we can´t recommend this hotel.
Guest score: 4.29 / 10 4.29 average,
+ nice furniture
- We were very unhappy from the room.It was attic with 2 dormers without view ( if we wanted to see something we had to stand on bed.) Becose it was attic, one wall was skewed and there was very small space. This types of room are on all 6. floor. But you don´t find any notice about that in promotional materials... On hotel Palace webpage is notice - "Notable highlights of Palace Hotel include: Guest rooms with balcony". Nothing about small attic without balcony and with dormers. Missing towels are bagatelle... When we wanted to speak with hotel manager, he was busy... So we moved after 1 night to the smaller hotel with more pleasant staff, very nice room, delicious food, wellnes and spa and for the same price.

Family with young child(ren) from Targu Mures, Romania
A nice day in Herviz
Guest score: 8.86 / 10 8.86 average,

Mature couple from Prague, Czech Republic
Extended weekend in Palace Heviz
Guest score: 6.29 / 10 6.29 average,
- service in dinning room

Renate Schneider (Mature couple) from
Guest score: 6 / 10 6 average,
+ the cleaners were always helpful and tried their utmost in the little time they have to clean a room. two of the receptionists were very friendly and greeted the guests. the very young waitress an two waiters in the dining room tried their best to clear the table and to satisfy the guests' wishes quickly. the wellness section is TOP, we enjoyed the pools and saunas and the COLD DRINKS very much. Very good cuisine, food not in heaps, so that it gets cold and mashed, but smaller portions freshly cooked - super!
- Reception staff (exapt for two) is not friendly, does not look at incoming guests and does not greet them - incredible for a 4*hotel! one woman in charge of pool does not manage to run whirlpool(s) and switch on the infrared sauna in the early morning. while she was absent I saw guests trying to make the whirlpool work at 7.30 a.m. Most waiters work effinciently, but a very young one, who obviously finds himself very beautiful and charming, is not apt at all. he leaves the dining room though there are still tables to clear, new cutlery to lay for new guests, he does not realize when a fork drops to the floor from his tray and another waiter rushes to pick it up before a guests treads on it. AND these are just a few shortcomings - nevertheless we liked the hotel and will come back!
read more: Hard times in a nice hotel

Masood Mirza Akhtar (Family with young child(ren)) from Leonding, Austria
Guest score: 6.29 / 10 6.29 average,

Tomasz Gurbada (Family with young child(ren)) from Poznan, Poland
Guest score: 9.14 / 10 9.14 average,
+ Atmosphere and design of Palace Hotel
- sauna and swimming pool service till 19:00

Family with older child(ren) from Pruszkow, poland
Guest score: 8.86 / 10 8.86 average,
+ dining, room, location

Jemma Gundry (Young couple) from Canberra, Australia
Guest score: 4.86 / 10 4.86 average,
+ The hotel looks nice, the rooms are a decent size and the pool area was enjoyable.
- This 4 star hotel is let down to 2 star standards in many areas. It appears to be fitted with well, but our room which was relatively big but is badly dated, boasted a kitchen but has absolutely nothing to use in it; not a knife, a plate, a pan nor a cup. This is particularly unfortunate, as their restaurant is incapable of serving edible food. Everything at dinner was overcooked, bland, mushy & mass produced. We found it hard to swallow any of it. We left still hungry. Breakfast was as bad, laden with fat, sugar & left overs. Nothing healthy or properly tasty was to be seen. Their pool area is okay, but easily overcrowded. Without the food considered, we may rate the hotel as 3˝, but as a whole; only 1˝.
read more: Terrible restaurant, okay rooms

Young couple from Moscow, Russia
Great staying in Heviz
Guest score: 7.14 / 10 7.14 average,
- Cleaning in the room not well, towel's dryer did not work, so towels wet

Young couple from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Guest score: 9.43 / 10 9.43 average,
+ spacious rooms, tasty desserts, unique (design & pleasant music & architecture)
- WiFi is in lobby only. No shelves in bathroom.

Friends from Sun City, USA
Guest score: 9.14 / 10 9.14 average,
+ staff and cleanliness were excellent. Breakfast buffet was outstanding.
- Bed was extremely hard-made it difficult to sleep
read more: Excellent hotel in Heviz

John Hocking (Solo traveler) from Hildesheim, Germany
Guest score: 5.71 / 10 5.71 average,
+ Location
- Cleanliness in the room, room never cleaned properly, bedding never changed in all the time there,bed never made properly. Bathroom was never cleaned properly and even after 2 nights and all towels being put on the floor for changing they were just trown over the shower door and left, I had to go and get them changed, Sink at the end of 4 days was filthy, even after complaining nothing was done. This was very sill as else the hotel was very good and as a business traveller going all over the world this let your hotel down very badly. Dinner on my last night quality of food not very good, dried out meat.
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