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Cities information

The town of Buk, with its three thousand inhabitants, is situated in Western Hungary, on the Repce-flat, bordering the Alps and the lowland. The city of Szombathely lies at a 27-km distance, the city of Sopron lies at a 47-km distance. Bukfurdo, where the spa is located, joins the southern part of town. The area enjoys a sub-alpine, continental climate, with middle-range humidity, and pleasant days with much sunshine and light winds. Tourists may enjoy a good variety of pretty landscapes, as well as a town of many trees and flowers. Buk can be reached by rail on the Sopron-Szombathely line, and by car on road number 84, 86 or 87.

The settlement was most likely founded as the kingdom of Hungary was formed at the end of the first millennia, the earliest mention of its name on paper is from 1265. The part now constituting the middle part of Buk was populated by villains, on occasion serving in the Sopron fort. The lower and upper area was settled as the town grew. During the Middle Age, the former villains acquired land and title, some filling important positions and extended properties in Western Hungary. In 1902, the lower-, the middle-, and the upper section was combined to form today's Buk, which became a town in 2007, but still resembles the spirit of the village with its pretty streets, well-kept gardens, nice houses and beautiful flowerbeds. At the end of the 1950's, while searching for oil, 58 °C thermal water was discovered, and as laboratory tests proved that it contained useful chemicals, its healing power was ascertained, and the spa of Buk was built. Today, it is not just a spa, but a complex facility offering therapy as well as tourist attractions.

The Spa:
The first thermal pool was built in 1962. Until then, the valuable water flowed into a nearby dich, leading to the Repce River, and "ditch-bathing" soon became popular among local residents. After the first pool, numerous others were added rapidly. Today, the spa is situated on a 13-hectare park, and includes 26 open-air and indoor pools, as well as a complex wellness centre. The medicinal water with alkaline hydrogen carbonate content is rich in calcium, magnesium and fluorine. As one expects, the neighbourhood of the spa includes a great number of hotels and pensions, as well as additional service facilities.

Sights to visit in town:
The Szapáry-castle and the Nagy Pál Mansion (now serving as a pension) are among the most outstanding sights in the town of Buk. In addition, two historical church buildings can be visited (by appointment). The Saint Kelemen Roman Catholic Church, built in Gothic style in 1408, stands in the middle section of town, with a tower added at the end of the 17th century, this in Baroque style. The interior hides pretty fresco-fragments, while the garden displays a Mary statue and pillar. The other church building is from the late Baroque era, it was consecrated in 1785. As usual at the time, it was built without a tower, which was added - then in a Classic style - after half of a century passed. The interior includes a Baroque pulpit and altar from the 18th century.

The Town's Sport Hall and Cultural Centre offers outstanding sport- and cultural programs all year round. Among these, most famous are the Festival Days of Buk in the summer, and the Sport Gala in December.

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